🏫How to Create PyClubs on Campus

This article provides a synopsis of how to start PyClubs at your university or college.

The PyClubs program is an initiative to promote, assist, and empower students in universities and colleges globally to learn the Python programming language and associated technologies. All universities and colleges are welcome to join PyClubs.

Step 1 - Locate a PyClub at your university.

To establish PyClubs at your institution, you must first identify whether there is an existing chapter on your campus. To find your school, visit the official PyClubs website. We recommend you become a member of your institution's PyClubs Chapter.

Step 2 - Submit an Application to the PyClubs Organization

Apply here to become a PyClubs lead at your school. We'll review your submission and reply as soon as possible.

Please note the following before submitting your application:

  • You must be studying at least an undergraduate or graduate program at your university.

  • You must have a solid understanding of the Python programming language.

  • It would be best if you were a student in good standing at a formal higher education institution.

  • Must have at least one academic year before graduation.

  • At least 20 students at your institution must be ready to join the club.

  • Be an enthusiastic leader committed to assisting peers in learning and promoting Python programming at your university or college.

Step 3 - Find an Advisor and Onboard Student Members

Getting at least one senior faculty member at your university willing to advise and support the club is required. Membership must only be to students enrolled at your university and create a club membership database.

Step 4 - Register PyClubs with your University

Step 5 -Make an Impact

Your university will be officially recognized as part of PyClubs after it receives approval. Your university chapter will get access to all relevant materials, including the logo, email address, social media profiles, and educational resources.

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